Village with entertainment in Tuscany: fun for the whole family

The entertainment of "Il Fontino" (from July to August) aims to create pleasant situations and fun for everyone, involving only those who spontaneously wish to partecipate in activities, creating in the meanwhile, thereby places for those who wish to enjoy their relax without straying from their family.

Every day the pool is available for water aerobics and other games organized for children or just for pleasant moments of rest on the free deck's at poolside.

For those who want to dance the arena in front of the pool, in addition to the disco for older, is the place where the village entertainers every night enjoy children with the Baby Dance; who wants simply listen to music or drink with friends and enjoy the beautiful and cool summer evenings at “Il Fontino” there is a bar near there.

Acrobats, musical performances, dances, open-air cinema and much more. Every night a different event, organized with passion by the professional animation staff, to ensure that every moment is unique and unforgettable.

For the respect of the common peace, every entertainment stops every night at 11.30 p.m.





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