Archery A few dozen meters from the Village Camping " Il Fontino " is situated the National Federal Center FIARC " Parco delle Costie " for the teaching and practice of the tug of shape with the bow . Thanks to the ability and skillness of the Compagnia Apiana Extirpe instructors it is possible to learn the basics of this fascinating discipline, in a fully equipped and comfortable environment . In addition to the throw lines of the Federal Centre it is also available, for expert bowmen, at only 3km from the Village Camping " Il Fontino ", the “Fosso al Leccione” camp with 56 pitches equipped for the field archery. Tennis Thanks to the cooperation with the facilities of the Alberguccio Ranch Hotel , we offer all fans the opportunity to pleasantly spend their leisure time, devoting themselves to this demanding, fun and always fascinating sport.




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